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At Just Jane, we’re not surprised that so many of our customers prefer vaping. This modern smoking method significantly reduces the chance of inhaling carcinogens, and since there’s no combustion, the odor is minimal and disappears quickly. The lower heat level keeps terpenes intact, providing an abundance of flavor on every inhale. And with our premium quality vape pens, you can adjust the heat to an ideal level for a customized experience.

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While traditional joint converts approximately 25% of THC, vapes can convert 46% of THC into vapor for a stronger high, making them ideal for seasoned consumers. For newcomers, you can take advantage of different settings, control how much you get, and take smaller puffs. The refillable or disposable carts are so easy to use, wonderfully portable and you don’t need to carry around a stash jar, grinder, bowl, lighter, or ashtray.

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Discreet, convenient, and available in so many amazing strains, levels of potency, and flavors from Just Jane, vapes are a great choice for recreational enjoyment or medicinal rewards. Shop our dispensary locations in San Mateo and Juan Tabo for popular brands such as Elevated, Bloom Brand, and Pharmers Quality. Find familiar and new favorites on our shelves or order online for in-store pickup or expedient delivery across the greater Albuquerque Metro area.

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